Monday, May 30, 2016

Goal and Dreams are Starting Points, Not Destinations

Goals and dreams are not always destinations but starting points. At least that is what I think now.

I was considering the dreams that I had for my life. The Big Three for me were to pastor full-time, to be a published author, and to have a masters degree. In December of 2014 the last two of these three came into being. 

Some would say I have made it, but in truth, I realize that my goals were really starting points. As a pastor, I have to keep working to do the ministry of God and of the church if I am going to stay in this position. In a real sense, My work has just begun. This is okay because I love doing this work especially with the people I am working with. 

As a self-published author (3 different books, One of them in 3 different languages), I don’t want to quit, I have other stories and truths to share. I can now look to being published by a traditional publisher, hitting the New York Times best sellers list and seeing my children’s story become a “classic.”  

I really don’t have a desire for a P.H.D. but that doesn’t mean my learning is done. There is so much more out there to learn and re-learn (yes I have forgotten some of it). Besides, I could learn another language or two. What good is an education if you quit learning. 

So maybe we shouldn’t call them dreams but mile-markers? They mark not destinations but locations along the path to becoming all we can be (as a Christian I would say, “all we can be in Christ”).

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