Monday, July 25, 2016

Random thought on what am I to do/expect.

Random thought on what am I to do/expect.

I don’t expect to be the Martin Luther or the George Washington that changes the world around them. Sure it might be cool to be that person but I don’t think that is my call. My call is to help push the ship of history in a certain direction, maybe not to stop the onslaught of anti-Christian bigotry, but to slow it until the tide turns again. History is full of ups and downs “back and forth”s and this is no different. Jesus never said that life would be easy nor that Christians would take over the world.

I have lived my life in a time and place of relative peace and security. Yet at the same time, the benefits of the waning Christian worldview are protecting the growing agnostic worldview. This will end maybe in my lifetime maybe soon after, but when it does it will take time for Western culture to realize it needs the Christian Worldview. The interesting thing is the Christian worldview is growing in new ground. Those in the new grounds, unless guarded against, may at some time face the problems we have, I hope not. I hope that what I do might help those who are holding onto God both now and in the future. 

What if all I do is lost? What if the haters of Christianity come in and destroy all that I do? Then it will still not have been in vain because God is the final judge. He is the one that I write for and to. He is the one that I want to lead people to he is my father who will be pleased if I do my best and leave the rest to him. I am the framer he is the finisher. I do what I can he will take care of the rest. 

Radical? Yes, but Jesus was always considered a radical and he is supposed to be my example. 

Does this mean I can’t change the world? No, I can try but it is not my responsibility to do what I can.      

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