Monday, July 11, 2016

Riding the Rainbow.

Riding the Rainbow
    One experience I hope never to forget was the day we traveled in the rainbow. We have all heard there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. However, since the spectrum sent out by the light is actually a circle (we only see a portion of it, the bow), there is no end. What we experienced was nearly as fun as finding a pot of gold, probably because we never expected it. 

      We were leaving the church in Terre Haute and it was raining. Off to the west, the sun was holding its own against the storm which broke out overhead. We got in the car and were heading home with one eye on the road and another looking for the rainbow. We love seeing rainbows. This day it wasn’t hard to find it was right in front of us. It looked like it settled down not a  block from the church on the very road we were traveling. 

      “We’re going to the end of the rainbow” my wife and I announced to our youngest daughter. 
She was looking around for the pot of gold when it happened. The light in the car changed. The colors of the rainbow filled our car. The color red was dominate and gave everything in the car a look of pink, then it changed the others coming and mixing so the air itself seemed to be filled with a golden color. 

      It must have lasted only a couple of seconds but the moment seemed to last much longer. The color then slowly faded away, like the smell of flowers that linger around you long after you pass them. 

     Maybe there wasn’t a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but since that day, when things are just right, I again get a glimpse of the color that hides inside the light and that isn’t a fairy-tale. 

So when life sends you a storm don't get down. Remember it is only in the storm that you can find a rainbow and who knows maybe, just maybe, you'll get to ride the rainbow.

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