Monday, August 29, 2016

10 Ministry-building activities you can do in 10 minutes rather than trolling social media.

10 Ministry-building activities you can do in 10 minutes 
rather than trolling social media.

I was looking through social media just the other day and found a link to a blog about how we miss out on time to do business by trolling through social media ( . Ouch, it was exactly what I was doing. Yes, it was my day off but there were things I wanted to do but I was using social media to delay getting to them. 

I realized the danger is true for more than just me. I also realized that some, maybe a lot, of people in ministry are being consumed by the “ministry” of social media. I use the  word “ministry” loosely, because though some ministry can and does take place online (I have done some myself and will continue to do some), more often social media consumes volumes of our time and gives nothing in return. 

So what should we do if we find ourselves trolling? Mike Loomis suggestion was to take 20 minutes and focus on one of 20 activities that can help your business. I am going to say take 10 minutes to do one of these 10 things I have listed. I am sure you can find ten more minutes and ten more ideas, but I leave that to you. 

If you need a reminder print the list out and put it on your computer or smartphone.


  1. PRAY   
Now I know you pray, but let's be honest do we pray enough (clearly not if you checked out that last worthless link or top ten list of strange looking bald guys). Not sure what to pray for then get out that old church directory and start at the beginning. If you can’t find it pray for me, that is Pastor Charles Areson, not sure what to pray for I suggest health and wealth, but what really I should say is wisdom.

      2. READ the Bible     

This is not sermon prep! Just read for the personal growth value. Still not sure? Then look at the calender see what day it is and read that chapter of Proverbs. It will encourage you and thus help your ministry.


You have been meaning to write down that idea which has been in your head for days, now is the chance do it. You don’t want to lose a great idea, again. Don’t have anything in your head? You have got problems. Seriously, if there isn’t anything try writing a thank you note or letter to you spouse or someone in else who have helped you lately (You can use it for #4) 

      4.SAY THANKS to people

Call them, send a card or a letter, or just get out of that chair and walk over to them and say “Thank you for ____________.” I would bet there are a lot of people who need to hear you say it. Can’t think of anyone? Try you spouse, your boss/DS, or your kids (if they haven’t run away or needed the cops called on them then thank them for putting up with you). Use your imagination but that is #5.

      5. IMAGINE

One of the best pieces of advice I was given a number of years ago was to sit down and just dream. I wasn’t to let money or position be a concern, just dream. At the time I imagined the three greatest things I wanted in my life. One, maybe two might happen but not all three but on that day I was to dream what it would be like and not focus on the “why-nots.” As of 19 months ago, the last of two those dreams came true. So I encourage you- dream, imagine without the hindrance of “reality.” You can only do it if you can imagine it.


YES, this will help your ministry. By praising God we get our priorities and focus back. With a clear view of the world, we are better prepared to do ministry. 


You don’t have to finish it, just start. Books give us fresh ideas, new insight, stir up our minds, remind us of the things we have forgotten and just plain inspire us. Don’t have a good book handy? Email me ( and I will send you a PDF of my book Impossible to Forgive. It’s small and you might make it through in 15 minutes (or more, probably more) and it will give you an illustration for your next sermon/conversation of forgiveness. Don’t feel like a heavy subject, then I can send you my children’s book, The Bee in the Blackberry Bush. However, I am sure you have something


You have been to enough doctors to know why. I don’t think I need to explain the importance of good blood flow to your brain and the rest of your body. Your ministry will be cut short if you don’t, enough said.


There is someone in your church or ministry who could use an encouraging phone call today. If all you do is say, “I only have a few minutes but I wanted to call and encourage you in the Lord.” If you make it a regular habit to encourage people then it will help your ministry. Encouraged people do more, give more, and grow more, so spend some time and encourage someone. Warning don’t wander into criticism or correction on this call or it loses its value. Listen, I mean it! Stay positive.


Take ten minutes and look over your calendar. I give you permission to take something off of it. Now if you scratch off dinner with you spouse, don’t blame me for what happens. In fact, don’t scratch anything family related. Scratch out that activity someone else can do (call them and let them know) and either give yourself some margin or put in what really needs to be done. Honestly, most people in ministry need more margin so I encourage leaving the time blank. God will fill it or you fill it with one of the other things listed above. 

So what do you do if you can’t resist and go back to trolling social media?

I suggest doing what Mike Loomis says: “Can’t yet resist the urge to hit Facebook?
Your penalty is to leave at least one group. (Seriously. Why are you in 78 groups?!)Once you’ve made progress on these areas, you’ll enjoy the feeling, and love the results.” (

Now let’s see what happens. I am in this too. We are only going to use social media as a tool, not a time killer. We are going to restrict our time. We are going to do real ministry!

Now, what other activity can we do? We need 10 more. Give me your ideas....

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