Monday, August 1, 2016

The world won’t write itself, you can.

“To make a better world, 
my dear sir, 
you must write a new world. 
So begin, the world won’t write itself.” 

I don’t know if this is original to me or if someone said it before but it came to me a few days ago. The truth is not original but then there are no new truths just old ones, repackaged. I have shared it (leaving out the word ‘sir’) on Twitter and Facebook as my own but in reality, it is to me not from me. 
Everyone has a role to play in the creation of the future, some may seem small but all are important. For me besides, my role as Father and Pastor, I am a writer. I know I am not the greatest or the best. I am probably not even in the top 20 of great writers here in Tell City, but I that is not the issue. The issue for me is that writers are supposed to write. 
I do not know how what I do can change the world but that isn’t again the issue. I may layout plot lines and cause the protagonist to get to the right place and come to the right conclusion but I am an amateur to God the great writer. God takes characters who have free will and moves their lives to his end and somehow He is going to use what I write for that purpose. So once again I don’t need to figure it out, I need to write. 
Greater than not understanding how or why to use someone under-qualified, I am afraid. I am afraid of criticism, failure, and ridicule, after all, I am not that great. However, who am I here to work for? God, so if God says write, then I should write. Maybe this is the one talent (Jesus’ parable on the talents/money) that I can’t double or even do much with, but if I at least put it into my equivalent of the bank, it will earn some interest and maybe that will be able to be used of him is some way I could never imagine. 
So what am I doing? Writing. Is it any good? Well if it isn’t you won’t be back to this blog, but then at the end of the day this blog doesn’t pay me anything nor do I earn any money on it. Maybe it won’t even inspire you, but if it does, then maybe, just maybe, my little effort will have sparked you and you are the person who will write, I mean, right the direction of the world with your words? 
My job is to write, period. Results aren’t in my department. Besides who knows, maybe what I write will right the world. However, nothing will happen if I don’t write. 

I might add nothing is going to happen if you don’t write, So begin, my dear sir/lady, the world won’t right/write itself.


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