Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Carpenter Tales: Introduction

Just for fun, I thought I would put the rough draft of the introduction to a new book of short stories I am putting together. I hadn't seen these stories for years and to see them come together is very cool. It is a shame Wesley never saw it. Please tell me what you think.


It is amazing what you can find when you go through decades-old files. Most of these files were in an old format which my computer couldn’t read so at first I didn't have a clue what may be inside them. It took some work and the right tech people to make them readable. Just to give you an idea what it took, here is one line from a fully recovered file: “[What he did notice was the star football player and honor sociC䡎䭉之 SYIDPH” 
 Some of these files were useless, which caused me to question the soundness of my mind, others were a reminder of a different time in my life, but the greatest find were old stories written by a young man whom I will call Wesley. 
As you can see from the sample, putting these stories back together was sometimes very difficult. I used what I remember of Wesley and tried my best to figure out what he meant when things weren’t clear. In the editing process, I resisted changing anything the editor didn’t say had to be different or had to be cut. 
I really believe, Wesley would have been happy to see his stories in print.   
I have to assume that Carpenter Tales is a work of fiction, though the way they were written it seems like they were real to Wesley, but who am I to judge. I know for a fact that the tree in the road which he talked about a lot is real. I have seen and touched it, myself. The tree in the road carries a lot of memories and I have even placed a picture of it in almost every book I have helped published. 
This being said, the first story in this book is different. It is real! I know for a fact that it is. I have changed the names of the characters and a few small details, but the core of the story is unaltered. I realize that Karl’s Story will sound too fantastic to be believed, but I assure you as frighteningly impossible as it seems, you will believe.

Charles S. Areson

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