Monday, October 10, 2016

The Problem with a Catchy Title (and how it applies to Christians)

How many of you have clicked onto a blog that had a catchy title only to yawn when you finished reading it? (if you haven’t maybe you will now, I hope not but...)

I have read time after time about the importance of having a catchy title: The 10 Ways to  get Easy Wealth, The 3 Keys to Long Life, What You Never Say to Your ______(fill in the black: Kids, Wife, Boss, Reporters, Arresting Officer) the list goes on. However, most of these same people will tell you if the content doesn’t match up to the title you actually have a lose not a gain. Yes, you may have gathered the most clicks from Seattle  or Zambia, but you won’t get them again. 

So the secret is to first have good content then good title. 

Now for the spiritual application (this would be the time for atheist, agnostics, and hypocrites to click the back button)  

As believers and people of Faith, we need to try and make sure our content, our lives, is just as impressive as our titles: Redeemed, Children of God, Christian.

You aren’t just a sinner saved by grace and are free to stay there, you have been saved from your sin so you don’t have to live there. We can not use the excuse “No one is perfect” and refuse to let God change us. 

If you have made Jesus your LORD and Savior then allow him to begin to change you so that your title and your content match up. He can do it if you let him, but you have to be willing to let him. 

Is it easy? 

Yes, sometimes but often it isn’t. This is why Jesus told his disciples if we are going to follow him then we need “take up our cross” for us this might be like saying take along a lynching rope, or an electric chair. It was scary stuff, but Jesus didn’t mix words. He knew it wouldn’t be easy. If I could borrow a line from the Marines, “Do you have what it takes?”

Let me answer that question: YOU DO!

God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us. We have the strength, the problem are we willing to use it?

I encourage you, Make your title and content the same. Allow God to transform you, it will take time but its worth it.

CS Areson  

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