Monday, November 7, 2016

It's Tough Being Poor (Rich?)

Which is harder being rich or being broke(no money)?

Normally I would say poor. I was recently asked if I knew of an agency that could help someone with a specific need. I did know where they might be able to turn only to find out the agencies to help with that specific need were out of cash. 

I could honestly tell them there was nothing else I could do. My thought was immediately was if I was rich I would have been glad to help them. I dreamed of a moment of life after we have paid off all of what Dave Ramsey would call stupid tax. No, we wouldn’t be rich but funds to help someone I knew really needed help might be there. 

After a minute of regret, another thought came to my mind. What is someone came to me in need(not this person) and I had helped them once before and now they were in a mess again. Yes, I would have the money but now I have to struggle with the choice of maybe either enabling them, or causing them to look to me rather than to God to be their source. If I needed to say no then it would no longer be because I seriously didn’t have it, but I couldn’t do it in good conscious. Yes, I would do it, no matter what they might say, but then they might never look at me the same way or they might blame me. I would know I did what was right, but a friendship may be broken forever. 

Yes, its hard being broke. It's hard having to pass on chicken breast to buy legs and thighs because it will go farther. It's hard negotiation with hospitals and doctors to pay off the balance from the accident. It's hard sitting back in pain when you know you need to see a doctor but don’t want to take the money out of your families minuscule budget. It's hard seeing friends in need and knowing there is absolutely nothing you can do.

However, being rich is hard and I think it would be much harder. It's tough to stand by and do nothing because, in the long run, it is the right thing to do. Then again, struggling for the long game is always harder, that is why most people never do it.  

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