Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Links to Books for Christmas

Sorry you missed the free giveaway, but here are the links to the kindle versions but remember their are print versions of the books available as well. Also The Bee in the Blackberry Bush is also available in Spanish and Lao in Amazon. 

December 14 and 15 these kindle books will be free: Children book, Book my struggle with forgiveness and a Discipleship book.

The Bee in the Blackberry Bush: Illustrated by Don Lee 
by Charles Areson et al. 
Link: http://a.co/7kjQhTv

Impossible to Forgive: What God can do when you can't. 
by C.S. Areson 
Link: http://a.co/gLA9bwj

Hungry for More!: Wesley-Style Band Meeting 
by C.S. Areson 
Link: http://a.co/6JWN87o

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