Sunday, January 1, 2017

Why does God bless a liar?

I was asked, “Why did God bless Jacob when he and his mother deceived Isaac?” (Genesis 27)

It is a fair question it doesn’t seem fair that God would bless people for doing things that he was against. I know some people would say that this was before the 10 commandments so the probation against lying was not in effect. I would disagree, they knew what they were doing was wrong but decided to do it anyway.

The problem started long before this event. 

First, it started when a parent decided to ignore God’s command. What is it?

When Jacob and Esau were still in the womb, God told their mother, Rebecca, “The younger will rule over the older…” (Genesis 25:19-24). I am certain she shared this news with Isaac but as we see Esau is being treated by Isaac as the rightful heir completely ignoring what God had said.


Was it because of tradition? Was it because of personality?   

I am not sure. The Bible does not say.

When we come into the story later Esau has the birthright and sells it for a bowl of soup. Showing more that he was more concerned with what he could get now than with the blessing that is to come.
What does it show about Jacob?

God had promised him the blessing and instead of waiting for God to give it to him he bought it rather than showing kindness.

Later, in the story of Jacob deceiving Isaac, Rebecca and Isaac once again do not wait for God to give them what they are promised again try and get it themselves. God had promised this blessing to Jacob, so I am sure they felt justified in what they were doing but they were wrong. They should have trusted God, but instead, they ran ahead of God. They tried to get the promises without waiting for the God’s solution.

What happened? Jacob had to run from his brother, leaving his family and his possessions. Rebecca probably never saw her favorite son again.  Later, Jacob feared meeting his brother. It also set a pattern of deception in Jacobs life which cost him again and again.

Yes, God blessed him as he promised, but it was not because of his actions it was in spite, of his actions.

In our lives, we can learn from this story:

1.  Don’t run ahead of God.
2. Let God supply, don’t depend on sinful actions to get what God has promised.
3. There is a cost for getting something outside of God’s way, even it is what he wants you to have.
4. The ends do not justify the means (Even, Especially, if the ends are what God wants).
5. Despite Jacob’s stupidity, God blessed him (there is hope for us).

The whole story of Jacob is found in Genesis 25-36.

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