Monday, May 15, 2017

Fear leads to laziness OR laziness leads to fear?

The sluggard says, "There's a lion outside! I'll be killed in the public square!" Proverbs 22:13

This fear here could be real. If you lived in a village on the edge of the Judean countryside in Solomon's time a lion could be a real concern. However, what I noticed in this scripture is not that fear is making this person lazy but a lazy person is using fear to justify their lack of activity. 

I realized that people probably still do that today. I don't want to belittle real fear. Real fear is hard to deal with. I am not trying to point a finger but placing up a mirror. You might look in and say, "No, that's not me." or you might look in the mirror and see something you may need to change. 

The person in this scripture is saying things like, "I'm going to get fired anyway, why try?"  "They hate people like me, why apply for the job?" or "My work will never be good enough so why waste my time?" and the like. 

I will admit at times I fight the idea my work isn't good enough, and who knows maybe when you read this you will say, you're right it isn't that good. If you're a writer (and you write) then I can accept your criticism.

However, at least I am not using fear as an excuse not to try. 

Here is my thought, the more we give into the fear of "what may happen" the stronger that fear becomes. 

Yes, there may be a monster blocking your way but then again the monster might be a big as you think. The only way to know is to go out and find out. One thing is certain if you don't go out "into the square" you will never succeed and you will become lazy (or lazier).

Don't use fear as an excuse or allow fear to hold you back. 

Just a thought. 

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