Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The TRUE danger in Dihydrogen Monoxide

The TRUE danger in Dihydrogen Monoxide

I saw these a while back and could not resist posting about it. I am sure someone has claimed either Obama or Trump is behind this. 

We have to be informed about the truth and not moved by emotional propaganda. If you look at these (and not know what Dihydrogen Monoxide is) you might wonder what is wrong in our world. The truth is Dihydrogen Monoxide is H2O or otherwise known as WATER. Yet people post these and repost these things. 

Know the truth about anything do not just be moved by what appears to be bad. The scary thing is people in power know people are moved by these types of appeals, emotion over truth, fiction over fact and they will try and use it against you. 

The true danger in Dihydrogen Monoxide is it shows how easily people can be fooled.

KNOW THE FACTS, before you respond to anything.  

Think about it.

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