Monday, November 20, 2017

Personal update

Yes I am still writing and the blog is getting ready for a new update in January. I don't want to promise anything as life has a way of changing our plans, but it will be something I hope you can enjoy.

For myself the updating of Impossible to Forgive has been more disjointed than I expected. So post on it haven't been forthcoming which if you were watching you already knew.

In the United States, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. I don't know what your plans are but I hope that they good and that you take time to thank God for all he has blessed you with.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

EM Areson and Blogging

My daughter is going to start a blog which contains short stories she will create ( This blog is to show her how I do it and to introduce you to the beginning work of a young lady who is going to develop into a great writer.

If you like short stories then you might check it out.

However, if you just want to complain don't bother, you might make me angry and you wouldn't like it when I'm angry.

CS Areson

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Impossible to Forgive - Preface

I am attempting NaNoWriMo this year, but instead of a traditional fictional novel of 50,000 words, I am going to write nonfiction. This year I am going to update and expand my book, Impossible to Forgive.

My current plan is to publish my daily work on my blog and ask that you and others you might recommend this to might comment, give feedback, and suggestions to the work. One warning the words are not going to be edited and they will be rough. They may even be a little tough and need to be some toning down.


More than 150 people murdered, by some estimations. After the investigation was completed, the prosecutor chose only a few of the cases the strongest to take to trial. After much of the most convincing evidence was thrown out by the judge, the “angel of death” was convicted.
My own grandmother was among those victims whose cases, though investigated, never went to trial. Her murder is still alleged. Justice and closure never came through an earthly court of law.
I wish that was the worst thing that ever happened but like many of you, pain doesn’t come from only one source. Later, a very close family member was accused of misconduct. For various reasons, that never went to trial. My personal investigation found far more evidence than I ever wanted to know. Nothing could be reported to the authorities, for various reasons. These crimes caused their own type of damage and pain deeper than that caused by the murder of my grandmother.
The pain and suffering I faced were great, but due to possible legal ramifications the names in this book have been changed and details will be left out. Naming them will not change anything, nor will they change the truths taught in these pages.
It may be that there have been crimes committed against you, which also may never see an earthly judge, but that doesn’t change your struggle. For you especially, I pray that my experiences and my studies will help you find peace in your soul in a world that too often fills filled with pain, suffering, and injustice.
By changing names both the innocent and the “alleged” will be protected. My name will not be changed. I was not innocent. My sins are obvious though all too human: hate, bitterness, and unforgiveness. Through God’s grace, they have been forgiven and I have found freedom. A freedom you can have and enjoy.  

Charles S Areson

Monday, October 30, 2017

Sign of the Red Flag (A non-horror short story for Halloween)

This is something different from my normal post. This is not a horror story but a fantasy. It is actually a fun little story. I hope you enjoy this rough draft of.....

Sign of the Red Flag

The battle was lost. 

I couldn’t think of anything that we could do. These confused dangerous people that followed the dragons would win. Elizabeth was wore out, her power depleted. We were offered the opportunity to surrender before the battle began but after so much death, I doubted that they would be willing to accept our surrender now. 

I called over my servant and told him to run back and tell the villagers to prepare to move out. He didn’t realize how bad things were. Christy, Martin and Elizabeth had poured everything they had into this battle. My sword was available, but I was no expert. If I fell in battle the alliance would fall apart. 

I knew if they sent forward their main force we and the villagers would be slaughtered. I looked over at Elizabeth and I knew she was thinking the same thing. Maybe if we surrender it could buy the villagers time to escape. 

I looked around and there was nothing to tie my mostly white handkerchief to. I decided that my sword would do. I carefully drew it holding back the flame inside that wanted to ignite. I took the handkerchief stuck it on the end and before anyone could stop me I jumped over the rocks that Martin had moved to protect us.

I noticed the look of shock and fear on the face of the village leader. I didn’t realize why he had such a look but didn’t take time to think what it meant.

When I took the first few steps it seemed that every mental attack was aimed at me. I took a few more steps and stumbled before a small tree. I thought that maybe I should cut a branch and place the white flag of it. I quickly removed the handkerchief and brought my sword down against the tree. It took just a few seconds and the tree was ready. The handkerchief was tied to the top and I held it high in my left hand my naked sword down by my legs but a little out so that they could see where it was. 

I continued to walk slowly toward the enemy. Some of their warriors continued to send attacks in my direction but it seemed as if very thing had paused. I heard some yelling behind me. I knew it was my servant yelling out to the villagers. 

I saw a table sized rock not twenty feet in front of the stones that protected their main force. I planned to go there and lay my sword down. right before I reached the stone I saw it and my heart froze.

 A red flag came up from behind the stones right in front of me.

They meant to destroy us. I didn’t know what to do to show they they didn’t have to do this. As I looked at the stone in front of me rather than lay my sword down I jumped up on it and started waving the flag back and forth. 

I saw more red flags emerge first ten then twenty then so many I couldn’t count.

Then I heard the cheer from the ridge behind. I glanced behind me and the villager that I had sent word to move out had all come to the edge of the battle. The small group of defenders that we had been fighting with had moved from behind their defenses to stand on the open field behind me. 

In the confusion of the moment, I forgot about holding back the power of the sword and it burst into living flame. I looked forward again, now seeing a sea of red flags.

 I yelled “SURRENDER” at the top of my lungs. I meant to say, "we surrender."

Then it happened, weapons were thrown over the stones and men came from behind their defenses with their hands behind their backs (the universal sign of surrender in this world).

We had won but I didn’t know how.

It was explained to me later that the white cloth hanging on the edge of a town was a sign of health. The red a sign of sickness or injury.

Flags had never been used in battle before. The sight of me standing there taking the mental attack of the enemy, holding the white flag told them that we weren’t injured.  They thought we were about to destroy them. 

They had taken more injures than we realized and held up the red flags to show they were injured. Now they were willing to talk. 

When I yelled the word "surrender," it was the act that would make the red flag the universal sign of surrender forever.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

An update and What is Coming

There are only a few out there who read this and I appreciate you and hope my frail words can bring some inspiration.

The last few weeks I have been considering what I need to be focusing on. Thus the weekly post I try to get up hasn't been happening.

I mentioned that I have gotten serious about losing weight and I have lost 20 pounds and more than 5% of my body weight.

My plan is to attempt NaNoWriMo again this year but this year instead of a traditional fictional novel of 50,000 words, I am going to write nonfiction. This year I am going to update and expand my book, Impossible to Forgive. Also, I am beginning to work on a 3 year Bible reading plan with personal commentary. I will publish some of each as I feel it is right.

See you in the middle of it all.

God Bless
CS Areson

Friday, September 29, 2017

Is Dialogue Dead?

Is Dialogue Dead?

“Dialogue is dead. Welcome to the age of a million monologues. Welcome to the day when people shout angrily at empty space rather than conversing with one another. Today is a day of hearing but not listening, when accusations are made without understanding, and when we fight against one another as we try to reach shockingly similar goals.

I am convinced that we are not as opposed to one another as we think we are, but we have lost the capacity to understand. And I lament that our ignorance appears to be increasingly willful. Rather than disagreeing, we make enemies. Rather than engaging perspectives that differ from our own, we villainize. Rather than recognizing our shortcomings, we cast our sin upon scapegoats.” Pastor Nick Highland

I wish I could say Nick is wrong but it seems that he is correct. Attacks and insults seem to be most peoples’ first response. So, what do we do as Christians? Forget that question, I have been hearing and seeing what Christians are saying and doing. Maybe I should say, “What should we do?” The answer is to live and talk like Christ. How is that? In Love.

No, it isn’t easy to walk in love. Yes, we will take abuse, but that isn’t anything new for the Christian. Jesus said we would face persecution.

Next, in a world filled with the noise of anger and hate-filled monologues, what should we focus on? I suggest we look to the Bible and what Paul said in Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.”

Finally, I suggest that we practice forgiveness. It is easy to get upset, angry. and bitter. Sports figures, politicians, reporters, bloggers, the twits on Twitter and the Slander on Facebook, just to name a few, make it easy to lose your cool. However, Jesus told us to forgive and to love. There wasn’t an exception clause because someone was an idiot or because they were evil.

It doesn't matter if Dialogue is Dead, we are called to act one way no matter what other people do.
Think about it.