Monday, October 7, 2013

Are You Trying? With guest writer, Don Lee

My illustrator Don Lee wrote this and I thought it was worth sharing.

Peter left the boat and walked on the water to Jesus. But while Peter was walking on the water, he saw the wind and the waves. He was afraid and began sinking into the water. He shouted, "Lord, save me!" Then Jesus caught Peter with his hand.
~Matthew 14:29b-31a (ERV)
I think too many people focus on the 2nd half of verse 31. That's why I chose to stop after the first half of that verse. If you're not sure what the second half says, go ahead and look it up  . But for now, I want to focus on the hand that reaches out to rescue in times of weakness and failing.

It's worth noting that Peter would not have been ABLE to start sinking ("fail" if you prefer that term) if he hadn't made the initial step of faith onto the water--something the others in the boat COULD have done, but didn't. The waves and wind were there WHILE he was stepping out--and he stepped out anyway. Peter's faith faltered in the storm, but the others' faith never even 'got out of the boat.'

I believe that Jesus said what he said in the second part of verse 31 with a smile on his face. I REALLY do. I think he was proud of Peter for walking more than disappointed by his sinking.


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