Saturday, April 30, 2016

People do what they want to do. Grandma said so..

My Grandmother Martha Drake would say:

"People do what they want to do."

I never like it because it ripped away all the excuses and made me realize the only person I had to blame was myself.

I may say "I have to go to work." but do I?

No!  I do not...I could go bankrupt, leave my family destitute, and be a bum. I do not want to do this, so I go to work.

Rarely if ever do we do things we do not want to do (die maybe). We may not like doing some of the things we do but we want to do them because the alternative is worse.

What happens when we realize this and start speaking it is we take charge of our lives. When you begin to take charge of your life, especially the parts you don't like that is when you can find contentment and the strength to change.

If everyone else is to blame you are little more than a slave. If you break free of this master (job, marriage, economy, etc.) you will only find yourself enslaved by another one because you never really freed your soul.

Think about it.

By the way, as a pastor and a writer, I LOVE my job but there are still days I do not like to go to work. But I have  want to.