Monday, May 30, 2016

Goal and Dreams are Starting Points, Not Destinations

Goals and dreams are not always destinations but starting points. At least that is what I think now.

I was considering the dreams that I had for my life. The Big Three for me were to pastor full-time, to be a published author, and to have a masters degree. In December of 2014 the last two of these three came into being. 

Some would say I have made it, but in truth, I realize that my goals were really starting points. As a pastor, I have to keep working to do the ministry of God and of the church if I am going to stay in this position. In a real sense, My work has just begun. This is okay because I love doing this work especially with the people I am working with. 

As a self-published author (3 different books, One of them in 3 different languages), I don’t want to quit, I have other stories and truths to share. I can now look to being published by a traditional publisher, hitting the New York Times best sellers list and seeing my children’s story become a “classic.”  

I really don’t have a desire for a P.H.D. but that doesn’t mean my learning is done. There is so much more out there to learn and re-learn (yes I have forgotten some of it). Besides, I could learn another language or two. What good is an education if you quit learning. 

So maybe we shouldn’t call them dreams but mile-markers? They mark not destinations but locations along the path to becoming all we can be (as a Christian I would say, “all we can be in Christ”).

Monday, May 16, 2016

Be Great, surrender.

Looking into the story of the centurion in Luke chapter 7, Pastor and author Adrian Rogers points out that “you cannot be over those things that God wants you to be over until you learn to be under those things that God has set over you.” 

Be Great, surrender.

I have to agree with Pastor Rogers. The Bible clearly teaches that God wants to give us authority and want to bless us, but first, we have to surrender to him. 

We live the idea of committing our life to Jesus but as Pastor Rogers points out that it is not a commitment that we really need (commitment indicates we are still in control), but a surrender. 

We have to surrender to God. We have to let him be in control. Only when we do that can he place us in a position where we have authority over Satan and the powers of this world. 

All of this makes me want to ask the question, “Are you willing to move past making a commitment to Jesus and move to a surrender to him?” Isn’t making Jesus “Lord” of your life actually surrendering to him? So if you haven’t surrendered to his Lordship and yet claim that you are committed to Jesus, the truth is you really don’t belong to him. 

Remember this, mighty generals are not weak, but they have surrendered their lives to a cause greater than their own, they are under someone else’s authority. So surrender doesn’t make you weak, it can actually put you in a place where you can be stronger than you could ever be otherwise. 

Be Great, surrender. 

Rogers, Adrian. The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority. Broadman & Holman Publishers. 2002.